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2014 Creative Publishing Round Up

Time for a brief summary of the creative things I published last year! Each section is from latest to earliest.


* “The Crane Wife” @ Through the Gate
* “Year Forty-Nine” @ Mirror Dance
* “L’Unicorne Qui S’Endort” @ inkscrawl
* “Song from the Islands of Sirenum Scopuli” @ Liquid Imagination
* “Rep/ercussions (Carmina)” @ Stone Telling

Flash Fiction:

* “Q is for Queen” in A is for Apocalypse, edited by Rhonda Parrish
* “The Second Mrs. Chapman” in The Rogues Gallery, edited by Alex Scully

My poem “WereMoonMother” was also reprinted in the Mythic Delirium Anthology :).

All in all a very good year, especially considering everything else that was going on (candidacy exams, kittens, mono, etc!) I do hope to be able to do a bit more creative writing this year though, despite the looming dissertation and all that will entail. Writing creatively often really helps me with writing academically though, so fingers crossed!

Other fun things to share:

* Spencer Byles incredibly fae organic forest sculptures are just breathtakingly awesome.

* I’m delighted to point out that almost a third of the top 20 Journal of American Folklore articles most viewed, printed, or downloaded from JSTOR during 2014 were fairy-tale studies related :).

* The incredible “Palace of Mystery” Quinta da Regaleira in Portugal (photographed by Taylor Moore.)

* Ukranian photographer Anita Anti’s beautiful fairy-tale photography.

Have a lovely day all!

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Lovely Things

Well, I don’t really have any fascinating, exciting news (new semester’s just started, things are in motion but nothing really to report just yet) but I do have a ton of amazing links to share!

* “Elegy for a Dead World” is a video game that helps players write. It’s beautiful and brilliant, full of Romantic poetry and strange worlds. You can buy it here.

* Guillermo Del Toro is making a “dark Victorian fantasy series” for Amazon that features fairies. I can’t even describe how excited I am.

* Mirror Mirrored is very cool book project pairing an eclectic mix of contemporary artists with Grimms’ fairy tales. I’m so eager to see how this turns out!

* A thesis about dragons in 13th century Iceland! And speaking of Iceland, how about some awesome witches staves? My sister brought me back a necklace from Iceland with one of these on it and I’m delighted to now know what it represents!

* The “Brothers Grimm Wanderings” landscape photography series by Kilian Schönberger is absolutely enchanting.

* So in love with this house. And this converted bus.

* Two incredible Russian photographers doing fairy tale inspired photography – more fantastic shoots by Margarita Kareva, more surreal shoots by Uldus Bakhtiozina

* More gorgeous, magical photography by Nona Limmen – she’s very inspired by Albert Einstein’s idea that “the most beautiful emotion we can experience is the mysterious” :).

Whew! Go explore!

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Sickness, AFS, and Other Updates!

So you probably noticed that I disappeared for a while there but I am back! I sadly have been very sick this semester, a terrible bout with mononucleosis that I would much rather forget. I’m on the mend for sure, and back to most regular activities, but I probably won’t be 100% until December (mono tends to stay in your system for a while.) Practically what this means is that I still get very tired sometimes, have a bit of vertigo every once in a while, and am dealing with a very compromised immune system. Trying my best to avoid all the crazy colds and such out there at this time of year!

I did get to be Maleficent for Halloween though ;).

And I was happily able to go to AFS in Santa Fe, NM this past weekend as well! It was awesome, as it usually is. It’s such a fun conference and I love seeing friends and colleagues from all around the country. I presented my section of the essay I wrote with Jeana Jorgensen for the new book Channeling Wonder: Fairy Tales on TV, which I’ve written about before, and it went well! Wayne State University Press also hosted a book launch/reception that was very cool to attend :). I’m the new junior co-convenor (with Victoria Harkavy) for the Folklore and Literature section too, which has a lot of awesome stuff planned for the next few years!

A few other things of note:

x. New Poem in the fantastic Through the Gate #5!

x. This very thoughtful review of A is for Apocalypse calls out my story! :D!

x. The Mythic Delirium Anthology is officially out! I already mentioned the starred Publishers Weekly review, but here’s another great one from Amazing Stories!

x. My short story “Kitsune, Fox” from Jabberwocky #7 has been listed on the very cool StoryFox “database of vulpine science fiction and fantasy,” run by Jenn Grunigen!

x. The Hedgespoken project is so, so fantastic! I love the idea so very much – what could possibly be more awesome than traveling the country, telling stories and sharing magic in a moving theatre?

Please chip in if you can!

x. Crazy excited for the new Sleeping Beauty/Snow White book by Neil Gaiman.

x. And lastly, I absolutely love Kat Howard’s piece “The Princess and the Witch” from the special Women Destroy Fantasy issue of Fantasy Magazine – yes, yes, yes, yes :). Resonates so much with me and is so beautifully said.

That’s all for now, more soon!

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Things I’ve Found Around the Internet

I am pretty busy getting prepared for the Project Narrative Summer Institute to start tomorrow but I have a few links to share so I thought a post was in order! :).

x. The fantastic journal Interfictions Online is conducting an IndieGoGo Campaign to raise money for the publication – please consider supporting them if you can! It’s a great journal and the perks are pretty wonderful too!

x. Speaking of IndieGoGo Campaigns, you might also consider supporting the fund to save the amazing Talliston House.

x. There is a lovely piece in The Guardian about rain in English literature

x. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has a new, limited edition set of scents based on Only Lovers Left Alive! Gah, I want all of them.

I’m also working on a post about Maleficent so stay tuned for that ;).

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Victorians, Witches’ Cottages, and Vampires

A few links to share!

x. My dear friend Deborah is trying to raise money to finish her Master’s degree on Charlotte Mew, a sadly not very well-known Victorian writer that deserves far more attention. Please help her out if you can!

x. The British Library has launched an amazing website called “Discovering Literature” and the first things they’ve put up are Romantic/Victorian! There is SO much to explore there, I’m kind of giddy with delight. The Guardian has a good sum up of some of the most fantastic things they’ve posted – many of them Sara and I saw in person when we were lucky enough to visit the library’s “Writing Britain” exhibition!

x. The lovely writer Mary Stewart has died at age 97… sad news, she is the author of an only fairly recently discovered all time favorite of mine, Thornyhold. A beautiful, quietly magical story, I highly highly recommend it.

x. And lastly, well, I clearly can’t resist this ;). – Tilda Swinton, Vampire Reader: Tasty Treats for Literary Goths!

tilda-swinton-only-lovers-left-alive <3

Great recommendations.

Now back to reading…!

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Reading, Reading, Reading

Well, summer has started and I am already neck deep in candidacy exam reading. This image illustrates how that feels (I am the sorceress, the dragon represents my exams/reading list :P.)

I put this image on the cover of my readings binder… it is inspiring! Though I am tiny, I have powers too. See how the dragon is being subdued by the sorceress’ magic? Yes. I also made a spreadsheet. I’ve got a plan, I’ve got this. I hope.

I also have much other work that needs to get done asap (including revising a potential article, submitting for a conference, and two reviews), an institute on narrative theory to attend in June, and a ‘Folklore and Literature’ Think Tank to attend in July. Eep!

A few other things:

x. Only Lovers Left Alive, Jim Jarmusch’s vampire film, is insanely good. The soundtrack is too, I’m actually a bit obsessed with it.

x. Speaking of vampires, here’s some scientific evidence that folklore always knows what’s up – Vampire Therapy Could Reverse Aging 

x. For more Gothic fantastic, the Guardian posted this hilarity – How to Tell You’re Reading a Gothic Novel (in Pictures!)

x. And this is just lovely – Gorgeous Illustrations of ‘Untranslatable’ Words from Different Languages by Anjana Iyer. I’m always fascinated by these kinds of words and this project is very cool.

Also, Sara has tagged me to do a post on my writing process and I promise that that is coming shortly! I hope you’re all enjoying the spring flowers as much as I am :).

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Sara’s New Website!

Just in case you missed this awesome bit of news, my incredibly talented, inspirational, beautiful roommate, Sara Cleto, has a brand new website!


You may recognize her name from such publications as Cabinet des Fees, Ideomancer, Niteblade, and many others! We have also co-written two poems (with plans to do more in the future!)

She was very resistant to the whole idea of webpages at first so I bought her her domain name for this past Christmas and have been encouraging the heck out of her ever since. It paid off because she has turned out an absolutely fantastic site. So go check it out!

In other Sara news, she wrote me the BEST BIO ever, which is now up on my “Bio” page here:

“Brittany Warman is a magical witch-faerie who mutters at the moon and scratches verse into the bark of trees that have grown for at least a century. She cannot cook, but she hordes jewels and gowns, and she will tell you about your best qualities if you ask her politely.”

I am totally using this from now on :P.

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News on a Snowy Day

Ah, Ohio. Polar vortexes were not part of the deal when I signed up to come here! The ground is currently covered in snow and the temperatures are the coldest I’ve ever been exposed to – this means, however, that it’s a wonderful day to write and read and share some thoughts and news here :).

x. First, I am so proud to announce that my poem “Rep/ercussions (Carmina)” appears in the latest issue of Stone Telling entitled “Body.”

This double issue features some incredible work and I’m so honored to be a part of it. This poem in particular is one of the most personal, difficult poems I’ve ever written and speaks to an aspect of my life that I don’t often talk about. I suppose in some ways this is a sort of ‘coming out’ for me as a person with a serious mental illness but it felt important to me to try to illustrate obsessive compulsive disorder in a way that speaks to my own experience of it. The term “obsessive compulsive” is used very casually far too often and I hope this poem shows a different, more complex side of it than what is normally considered. Please check out and support this beautiful and important magazine and stay tuned for their new blog with more notes on this piece from me!

x. On a more spooky note, my flash fiction piece “The Second Mrs. Chapman,” has been published in Firbolg Publishing’s new anthology The Rogues Gallery: The Illustrated Police News. You can pick up the Kindle version of the anthology on for only $1.99 so check it out and be prepared for a collection of seriously weird, delightful stories! Mine is very steeped in fairy lore (of course!)

x. The amazing Ada Hoffmann, a writer whose work I always, always adore, was kind enough to list my poem “Loveless (I Am the Snow Queen)” as one of her favorite poems from last year. This made me incredibly giddy with joy :).

x. I recently stumbled upon this really cool online project called Subverting Laughter. It is an online “re-imagining” of George MacDonald’s Victorian Fairy Tale The Light Princess “through an international collaboration in visual art and reflective blogging among MacDonald researchers from Canada, England, Germany, Italy, Scotland, and the U.S.A.” They aim to use “a mixture of media to inspire new discussions of the tale in an online space, allowing a wide range of audiences to engage with MacDonald’s Victorian text. Each digital storytelling post responds to a chapter of The Light Princess through an illustration, a link to and a recording of the original text, and then a reflection on the chapter.” To me, this is exactly the kind of work that people should be doing with all kinds of texts – I love the combination of the digital and the fairy tale and this is such a cool way to do it. I hope this inspires more people to try projects like this (myself included!) and I look forward to following their work!

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a beautiful day!

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The Wind Howls Outside My Window

Two big pieces of news! First, I am so honored and excited to report that my poem, “WereMoonMother,” is one of Mythic Delirium’s featured poems for November! This means that you can now read it for free on the Mythic Delirium website. I am particularly proud of this piece so please do check it out if you can – I promise it is delightfully bizarre ;).

MD-meSecondly, my paper proposal was accepted for The 35th International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts! I’ll be presenting a piece called “Circumnavigating a Subversive Otherworld: Catherynne M. Valente’s Fairyland as Folkloric Liminal Space” and I’m really excited about it :).

A Few Cool Things I’ve Come Across Recently:

* Speaking of CMV, she just did a great “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit!

* The French Oral Narrative Corpus is quite nice!

* “Why We Need Fairytales: Jeanette Winterson on Oscar Wilde”

* I absolutely *love* this retelling of “Little Red Riding Hood”! It’s called “Redden” and it’s a comic by Maya Kern.

The wind is absolutely howling outside my window while I read The Sorrows of Satan by Marie Corelli. This is appropriate I suppose?

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A Bit of News & Fun

x. I have to start with this “On the Fastrack” comic because it’s so great :).


x. Beyond the Pillars: An Anthology of Pagan Fantasy has just been released from Bibliotheca Alexandrina Press and features a poem of mine previously published in Eternal Haunted Summer called “Diana Remembers Actaeon” – it looks fantastic and I can’t wait to read it!

x. The Huntington Library in California has a fantastic exhibition going on right now called “Illuminated Palaces: Extra-Illustrated Books from the Huntington Library.” It features all kinds of books that have been “grangerized” or “turned […] into extraordinary “illuminated palaces” — repositories for original art, prints and engravings, maps, autograph letters, and the excised pages of other, more famous books” (quotation from the webpage!)

I personally *love* this practice and think it’s fascinating. Check out the book in the picture above – it has a “Beauty and the Beast” illustration! I have a very small collection of these book/scrapbooks that I’ve gotten from various places (one my Dad found in a collection of stamps he purchased and I bought a fairy tale themed one off of eBay a while ago) and I hope one day to be able to scan them and put them online. I wish so much I could see this exhibition but luckily there are lots of cool things about it to explore online!

x. As you may have noticed, the blog has a new/old look! It’s similar to the one I had a while ago but with much less complicated (and less likely to get screwed up) code. I felt like it was time for a change and I like it! A bit more gothic and mystical and swirly (which are all always good things.)

I was so productive yesterday, it was amazing! I hope I can replicate that energy today… there are still, of course, about a million things to do. However – my room is now crazy clean, everything is washed – clothes, towels, and sheets, everything is filed, AND I got a bunch of school reading done. Gold stars all around. Here’s to today being even better!

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